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Neuerscheinung: Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora

Ein neuer Sammelband der die rasante Entwicklung des afrikanischen Christentums untersucht, und Analysen sowie Interpretationen verschiedener Bewegungen und Problemstellungen vorlegt. Herausgegeben von Afe Adogame, Roswith Gerloff

Afe Adogame, Roswith Gerloff, Klaus Hock: Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora. The Appropriation of a Scattered Heritage. London: Continuum, 2009


Datum der Veröffentlichung: 13 Jan 2009
ISBN: 9781847063175
Hardcover, 368 Pages, $150,00


Aus der Ankündigung des Verlags:

The rapid development of African Christianity and its offshoots in the Diaspora is rooted in colonial history and resistance to oppression, exploitation and slavery.

Through a range of contributions from diverse regions and traditions, Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora offers new resources for the interpretation and analysis of African Christian movements. It draws attention to a number of key issues, including the translatability of the Christian faith, the process of contextualization in various cultures, the place and role of indigenous agencies, the global impact of contemporary African Christian expressions, its influence on ecumenical relations and inter-religious encounters, and its way of shaping new religious identities and landscapes in response to power relations and artificial boundaries.

Topics covered include the concept of Diaspora, deconstructing colonial mission, conversion, African cosmologies, African retentions, female leadership dynamics, liberation theology, a new discourse around HIV/AIDS, transnational religious networks, pentecostal/charismatic movements, charismatic renewal within former mission churches, dynamics of reverse mission, outreach via cyberspace, specific studies on Anglican, Baptist, Adventist and Kimbanguist missions, and the need for intercultural and interdenominational bridge building.

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