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Eben Adu

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Location: Kent, England

Institution: North-West University, South Africa

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My PhD thesis, Pastoral Leadership among African-led Pentecostal Churches in the Context of British Society, focuses on the issue of pastoral leadership within a specific context of the UK using the twofold framework of Servant Leadership, and Kouzes and Posner's Exemplary leadership model. The study examined the prosperity gospel, the media, reverse mission, recent theories on leadership, exemplary leadership, current scholarship on pastoral leadership, servant leadership, and New Testament models of leadership and their impact on the leadership praxis of pastoral leaders within the African-led Pentecostal church community. 

The thesis constitutes a valuable contribution to the following fields in Practical Theology: Pastoral Leadership, Reverse Mission, Leadership, and  African-led Pentecostalism in the British context. The findings of this study affirmed that there are challenges facing African-led Pentecostals leaders in the context of British society and that these can be addressed from a practical theological perspective by formulating markers for a model of exemplary pastoral leadership.

Research Interests: Global Pentecostalism, Pentecostalism and Leadership, Practical Theology from a Pentecostal perspective, Pastoral Leadership, Pastoral Studies, African-led Pentecostalism in the British context, Black-led Pentecostalism in the British context, correlation between secular leadership models and that of the church, Missiology (urban mission, Cross-cultural mission,mission in context), Exemplary leadership, and Servant leadership.