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2007 (Vol. 6)

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Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti - The Church as the Fellowship of Persons: An Emerging Pentecostal Ecclesiology of Koinonia

The article explores Pentecostal perspectives on the notion of koinonia and communion ecclesiology in current ecumenical conversations and studies. While the Pentecostal understanding of church as charismatic fellowship affirms the notion of koinonia, there are also differences to the understanding of koinonia in older churches. Nevertheless the developing koinonia ecclesiology holds great potential for Pentecostals and allows for their contributions to an ecumenical communion ecclesiology.

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Yong, Amos - Poured Out on All Flesh: The Spirit, World Pentecostalism, and the Renewal of Theology and Praxis in the 21st Century

The second half of the twentieth century has witnessed a renaissance in pneumatology and related topics in the theological academy. While the role of pentecostalism in the emergence of this conversation may be debated, that pentecostal scholars and theologians engaged in the project of pneumatological theology at the turn of the twenty-first century cannot be denied. This essay suggests that the Pentecost motif of the Spirit’s outpouring on all flesh has the potential to serve as a central and organizing axiom for a pentecostal and pneumatological theology, and programmatically sketches how such a pentecostally-inspired theology participates in and also contributes to the renewal of the church catholic, of the theological academy, and of the church’s performative engagement with the world.

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Horton-Parker, Skip - Tracking the Theological “Turn”: The Pneumatological Imagination and the Renewal of Metaphysics and Theology in the 21st Century

Reconsidering the present relationship of philosophy and theology, it is proposed that a "theological turn" has occurred in philosophy, which is met by corresponding "philosophical turn" in Pentecostal theology. Exploring the works of prominent phenomenologists, Levinas, Gadamer, and Marion, complementary notions to the theologies of Smith, Land, and Yong are pointed out. It is argued that these points of convergence and mutual illumination will suggest pathways for the renewal of theology and philosophy in late modernity.

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