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No. 1 (Spring)

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Miguel Ángel Mansilla, De la caja del diablo a la caja de Dios

Neopentecostalism can be understood as a form of religious enchantment, informed by eschatology and embodied in song, dance and positive confession. The messages and songs emphasise intimate and touching individualism, the search for the material and the present. Divine blessing is a material blessing: health and wealth. It is an electronic from of religion that is mediated via television, radio and cyberspace.

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Stephen Hunt, The Florida ‘Outpouring’ Revival

A decade after the neo-Pentecostal revivals of the 1990s a fresh wave of revival, characterised by miraculous healings and evangelism, became identified with what was colloquially referred to as the ‘Florida Outpouring’. Unlike the earlier so-called Toronto Blessing and the Brownsville revivals, that at Lakeland, Florida, was relatively short-lived. It became practically synonymous with the charismatic personality of the healing evangelist, Todd Bentley. This paper considers the Florida ‘Outpouring’ and Bentley’s prophetic role in forging revivalism within the framework of neo-Pentecostal eschatology and thus providing a sense of continuity with past and future revivals.

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