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Politics and Society in Filipino Pentecostalism on Negros (Oriental)

The project aims at a discourse analysis of terms relevant to the topics pertaining to their usage and meaning in every day life. The following foci are intended: actual political and societal participation of Pentecostals; the Pentecostal articulations of politics and society ("political theology"); and the relationship between Pentecostalism and Islam.

The explosive growth of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements has dramatically changed Christianity worldwide. According to some statistics this fast growing movements make more than half a billion adherents (World Christian Encyclopedia). Recently the question about the political influence of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements has come to the fore, among others due to Sarah Palin’s vice presidential nomination. Besides, since 2010 there is a first distinctly Pentecostal work on political theology on the market (Yong 2010). Interdisciplinary research on global Pentecostalism is increasingly engaging this issue. However, the focus is almost exclusively restricted on the tow Americas, while other regions remain virtually unexplored.

The research project examines the relation between Pentecostalism, politics and society through a regional study on Negors (Oriental) in the Philippines. Within this historically, culturally and religiously differentiated context it investigates the articulations used by Pentecostals to express their understanding of and participation in politics and society. The main objectives are (1) a discourse analytical reconstruction of the key notions employed to conceptualize politics and society, including the transnational and transcultural processes which constitute them, as well as (2) a study of their use and their meaning for Filipino Pentecostals. A special focus will be on (1) the actual political and social participation, (2) the specific theological articulation of politics and society (‘political theology’), and (3) the relation between Pentecostalism and Islam.

ResearcherGiovanni Maltese
Department of History of Religions and Mission Studies
Faculty of Theology, University of Heidelberg

Project Homepage: Politics and Society in Filipino Pentecostalism on Negros (Oriental)
Funding: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)



Contributed by:

Giovanni Maltese

Universität Heidelberg, Germany / Emory University, Atlanta
Religions Studies & Intercultural Theology / Center for the Study of Law & Religion
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