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PentecoStudies 16.1 (spring 2017)

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Special Issue: Pentecostalism and Its Encounter with Other Religions


Editorial PDF
Allan H. Andersen 5–7


Pentecostals and Interreligious Conflict in India: Proselytization, Marginalization, and Anti-Christian Violence PDF
Chad M. Bauman 8–34
Pentecostalism and the Encounter with Traditional Religion in Tanzania: Combat, Congruence and Confusion PDF
Martin Lindhardt 35–58
Korean Pentecostalism and Shamanism: Developing Theological Self-understanding in a Land of Many Spirits PDF
Kirsteen Kim 59–84
The Presence of the Spirit in the Academy: Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies as an Interdisciplinary Concern PDF
Wolfgang Vondey 85–116
Pentecostals in the Public Sphere: Between Counterculturalism and Adaptation (Observations from the Chinese Context in Hong Kong) PDF
Tobias Brandner 117–137


HEUSER (ed.), Andreas, Pastures of Plenty: Tracing Religio-scapes of Prosperity Gospel in Africa and Beyond. Studies in the Intercultural History of Christianity, vol. 161. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2015. 383pp. Hbk. ISBN 9783631661826. $85.95. PDF
Nimi Wariboko 138–140
LUKOSE, Wessly, Contextual Missiology of the Spirit: Pentecostalism in Rajasthan, India. Regnum Studies in Mission. Oxford: Regnum Books International, 2013. x+256pp. Pbk. ISBN: 9781908355096. £13.95. PDF
Elungkiebe Zeliang 141–143
ROBECK, Jr., Cecil M. and Amos YONG (eds), The Cambridge Companion to Pentecostalism. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. ix+340pp. Pbk. ISBN: 9780521188388. US$29.99. PDF
Allan H. Anderson 144–145
VONDEY, Wolfgang and Martin William MITTELSTADT (eds), The Theology of Amos Yong and the New Face of Pentecostal Scholarship: Passion for the Spirit. Leiden: Brill, 2013. vi+270pp. Hbk. ISBN: 978900251748. US$141. PDF
Spencer Moffatt 146–148
WARIBOKO, Nimi, Nigerian Pentecostalism. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2014. xii+361p. Hbk. ISBN: 9781580464901. £65. PDF
Judith Bachmann 149–151
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