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Corneliu Constantineanu

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Location: Arad/Timisoara, Romania

Institution: Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad

Contact: E-Mail

I am a Professor and the director of the Theology Department where we have a Bachelor of Theology in Pentecostal studies a master program in 'public theology' and I am also the director of the doctoral program with a specialisation in Pentecostal spirituality and theology. In addition to coordinating several doctoral studies on Pentecostal theology I am currently working on several research projects on Pentecostalism: 1) a study on "Pentecostal Identity, Spirituality, and Theology in the Romanian Context"; 2) Pentecostalism 100 - a research on the Centenary of Pentecostalism in Romania; 3) Biographies of significant Romanian Pentecostals personalities for the Brill Encyclopaedia of Global Pentecostalism.