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Gideon Tetteh

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Location: Oslo, Norway

Institution: The Norwegian School of Theology

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PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Prophetism and Politics in Ghana.The project aims to explore Neo-prophets' Engagement with Reassembling Democracy in Ghana.

This contribution will respond to the unbearable but undeniable tension between electoral prophecies and political activities and the Pentecostal (Prophetic) movements by exploring how Pentecostal prophecies and rituals in Ghana have an intent to alter conscience, behavior and expectation. The study will also contribute to extant historical and analytical discussions of African Pentecostalism. More specifically, the aim is to understand the challenges posed to the democratic process and the nation as whole by the engagement of Pentecostal prophets in the politics of the country. It will help answer the questions that this phenomenon seems to raise on how the Christian and Pentecostal Councils in Ghana can still contribute to or participate in the electoral process to ensure peaceful and fair election. The study will provide some solutions to the worries about the church responsibility as ambassadors of Christ to win souls to the Kingdom.