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Jennifer Miskov

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Location: Birmingham, England UK

Institution: University of Birmingham

Contact: Homepage E-Mail

I am currently working on the first known PhD on the "Forgotten" Life and Theology of Carrie Judd Montgomery. She was the most influential woman in the Divine Healing Movement in the States in the late 1800's and also was a part of early American Pentecostalism. She was friends with A.B. Simpson, Aimee Semple McPherson, Maria Woodwoth-Etter, Minnie Abrams, Pandita Ramabai, William J. Seymour and many other well known people at the turn of the twentieth century. Please contact me if you have any sources related to this work.


I have also just published my first book called Silver to Gold ( which an inspiration short story encouraging people to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams. Proceeds of this book go towards my PhD as well as helping the poor in Africa.