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Francisco Donoso-Maluf

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Location: La Serena, Chile

Institution: Universidad de La Serena

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I am a full time faculty member of the Department of Psychology at the Universidad de La Serena, Chile. My main teaching areas are about qualitative research methods and social psychology. My research interests involve topics such as secularism, secularization, and religious minorities, with a special focus on pentecostals as a religious minority in Chile and Latin America. In such a vein, among the main research projects I have conducted, I could cite: 

- "Comunitarización competitiva: Auge de la Iglesia Metodista Pentecostal de Chile". "Competitive community building: The rise of the Pentecostal Methodist Church of Chile" (FLACSO-México). Carried about this, one of the two largest and oldest Chilean pentecostal churches, this study intends to demonstrate that, along with some contextual factors, its extraordinary membreship growth was the result of a relatively equilibrate and longstanding combination of communitarian and competitive institutional patterns. Unavoidably, a lot of intertwined religious, social and political consequences of this ecclesial growth are analyzed, including the partial but controversial evangelical support to Pinochet.  Today, we could say that the several schisms registered by this church during the last 15 years is precisely the result of a breakdown of the aforementioned equilibrium, due to an increasing primacy of some competitive dynamics (regularly embodied by some clientellistic church leaders) over the communitarian ones. 

- "Innovación, fe y proyectos de sociedad: Intelectuales evangélicos chilenos como metaminoría activa" (2012-2014), Proyecto FONDECYT Regular 1121026, Chile. "Innovation, faith and society projects; Chilean Evangelical intellectuals as an active meta-minority". By taking some contributions from Serge Moscovici's  theory on "active minorities", this project studies the religious, social, cultural and political roles played by the main Chilean Evangelical intellectuals (some of them Pentecostals) during the last 50 years. Through several in-depth inteviews conducted in 2012 and 2013, plus an extensive documentary analysis of their publications (some of them ranging from the '60s on), it is issued a sociological construction about their self-image as "evangelical intellectuals", the society projects they propugn, their role as an active minority within the evangelical minority, and their relationship with the political realm and the majoritarian society in Chile.


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