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Gareth Breen

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Location: London, UK

Institution: London School of Economics and Political Science

Contact: E-Mail

I am a registered PhD student and my project is on the Global Christian group usually referred to as "the Local Churches".

They follow the teachings of the Chinese preachers Watchman Nee abd Witness Lee. While their lineage is not directly traceable to american Pentecostalism their worship style is very Charismatic (as is their organizational structure in the Weberian sense of Charisma), the group being referred to as "the Shouters in mid-20th century China, and their emphasis is very much upon the Spirit as both an aspect of God and as a human "organ". I see string resonances with euro-American "third wave", neo-Pentecostal church ideas and practices as well as strong differences, I am very interested in exploring the Pentecostal aspects of this transnational form of Christianity.