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Josfin Raj Stephen Balaraj

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Location: Bonn, Germany

Institution: University of Bonn

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JOSFIN RAJ Stephen Balaraj, (PhD), M.Th (Christian Theology), M.A (Ecumenical Studies), M.A (English Litt.), M.A  (Christian Studies), and M.Div.

Josfin Raj S. B is a PhD researcher at the University of Bonn, Germany, where he researches the ecumenical dialogue between Roman Catholic and Classical Pentecostal traditions. He holds multiple Masters in Ecumenism, Christian Theology, English literature, Christian studies and Divinity from various institutions in India and Germany. He has also served as the Academic Dean and the head of the Department of Christian Theology at New Life Biblical Seminary, Kerala, India for five years. He is the author of two books: Inclusive Christ and Broken People: Towards a Dalit Christology in the Light of the Early Church Faith Confession (CWI, 2018) and Pauline Corpus: A Paradigm for the Effective Christian Journalism in Contemporary India (ISPCK, 2013). He is also one of the chief editors of the book Pentecostalism: Polyphonic Discourses (ISPCK, 2019). He has published several articles in various theological journals and magazines. He serves on the Board of Reference of Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies (AJPS), Philippians and on the Editorial Advisory Board of Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (Biannual Journal). He lives in Bonn with his wife Ross and their two children, Jeevan and Johan. You can contact him at