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Julia Kuhlin

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Location: Umeå, Sweden

Institution: Umeå University

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in digital humanities at Umeå University, Sweden. My current project "And Jesus Said, Please Like, Share, and Follow: Swedish Free Churches on Instagram," focuses on the visual communication and identity formation of the Swedish Free Churches (incl. Pentecostal churches) on social media. As part of the project, I also explore the roles of so-called religious digital creatives within contemporary Free Churches in Sweden.

I have a background in the field of World Christianity/Mission studies and completed my doctoral studies with the thesis "Lived Pentecostalism in India: Middle Class Women and Their Everyday Religion" in 2022 (see link below). In the thesis, I examine the lived religion of women within Pentecostal middle-class churches in India focusing, among other things, on agency, emotion, and the experience of insecurity/risk.

Research areas: digital religion, social media, lived religion, global Pentecostalism, Christianity in India, interreligious relations, Hindu-Christian relations, the Swedish Free Churches, religion and gender.

Link to personal page at Umeå University, incl. list of publications: