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Leandro Fontana

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Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Institution: Institut für Weltkirche und Mission

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Research Assistant

Project Description In the last three decades, the Pentecostal movement has undergone a series of major changes, one of the most noticeable being the social commitment of these churches in various areas of civil society. This move has been accompanied by a joint effort of a number of these churches to exert stronger influence on the political sphere so as to radically transform Western societies, as this would be, in their view, the condition for the spreading of God’s kingdom on earth. As a consequence, in many countries, political discourses have become, not uncommonly, religiously laden. The research project “Pentecostalism” reflects on such developments and analyses the biblical and theological argumentation modes underlying such religiously motivated strategies to transform politics and, ultimately, Western societies. Fundamentally, it concerns the consequences of this new phenomenon for the relation between religion and politics in the contemporary world.