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Emanuele Fantini

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Location: Turin, Italy

Institution: University of Turin, Department of Cultures, Politics and Society

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I am a political scientist interested in development studies, religious movements, the political sociology of state formation in Africa and water resources management. I have conducted field research both in high-income countries (Italy) and in the “Global South” (Ethiopia, Kenya-Somalia), working at interdisciplinary projects with geographers, historians, economists, anthropologists and psychologists. 

I am currently working on the political, social and economic dimensions of the Ethiopian Pentecostal Movement. On these issues my main publications are:

  • (with Joerg Haustein) Introduction: The Ethiopian Pentecostal Movement – History, Identity and Current Socio-Political Dynamics , in PentecoStudies, Vol. 12, n. 2, 2013.
  • Transgression and acquiescence: the moral conflict of Pentecostals in their relationship with the Ethiopian State, in PentecoStudies, Vol. 12, n. 2, 2013.
  • Go Pente! The Charismatic Renewal of the Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia, in Eloi Fiquet, Gerard Prunier (eds.), Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia, London, Hurst&Co , (forthcoming 2014).

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