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Miranda Klaver

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Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Institution: VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

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 Trained as an anthropologist and theologian my research domain focusses on transnational evangelical and pentecostal movements in the Netherlands and beyond. My PhD research (finished in 2011) discussed the meaning of conversion in evangelical and pentecostal churches in late modern society. I developed a new, semiotic approach approach to the study conversion beyond the limits of language, including the meaning of space, music and the ritual of baptism. My current researchproject focusses on the expansion of megachurches and their use of digital media in Amsterdam and New York City, supported by the Lily Foundation through a fellowship of the Congregational Studies Team. In my work, I seek to integrate grounded ethnographic work with theoretical debates on the shifting role of religion in late modern society. My main research foci are lived religion, global pentecostalism, evangelicalism, digital media, global religious networks, urban religion.


Selection of publications: 

Klaver, Miranda (2012). Pentecostal Passion Paradigm. The (In)Visible Framing of Gibson’s Christ in a Dutch Pentecostal Church. Things: Material Religion and the Topography of Divine Spaces, D. Houtman and B. Meyer eds. New York, Fordham University Press: 250-263.

Klaver, Miranda (2011). “From Sprinkling to Immersion: Conversion and Baptism in Dutch Evangelicalism.” Ethnos 76(4): 469-488.

Klaver, Miranda (2011). This is my Desire A Semiotic Perspective on Conversion in an Evangelical Seeker Church and a Pentecostal church in the Netherlands. PhD thesis, VU University Amsterdam. Amsterdam University Press/Pallas Publications 


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