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Natalia Zawiejska

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Location: Kraków, Poland

Institution: Uniwersytet Jagielloński

Contact: E-Mail

I am a PhD student at the Institute for the Study of Religion at Jagiellonian University.

My PhD project is on the identity and belonging in the Angolan Assembly of God of Maculusso in Lisbon. I conducted field research on ADP Maculusso in Porugal and UK and on the Good God Church (Igreja Bom Deus) in Lisbon (2013/2014). I also conducted field research on Pentecostal churches (Assemblies of God and Good God Church) in Angola (2014) being a part of the research project "The Politics of Hope: Churches and the Weaving of Society in Post-War Angola" led by ICS UL in Lisbon. I am currently preparing the second phase of the field research on ADP Maculusso and Good God Church in Lisbon.