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Obame Alain Hugues

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Location: Cameroon

Institution: University of Dschang // Ministry of scientific research and innovation

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  1. Ph.D. Doctoral student in political science in The university of Dschang (since 2016)
  2. (Junior) research officer in The National Centre for Education, a social sciences centre associated to the cameroonian ministry of scientific research and innovation.

My ongoing doctoral dissertation is entitled: The influence of religious transnational actors in international politics: case study of Pentecostals in Cameroon.

This topic and my other resarch focus on:

  • impact of pentecostal ideology, pratices in a secular environment like Cameroon;
  • potential risks and solutions of pentecostal actors on peace and security concerns;
  • formal and informal relations between pentecostal and politics and their impact on democratization process;
  • and how pentecostal actors, ideas, and institutions influence social and political change in Cameroon.