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Tobias Brandner

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Location: Hong Kong

Institution: Chinese University of Hong Kong

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I am an assistant professor at the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have, for the past 5 years, been working on research papers related to Pentecostalism in the Chinese context.

Among my publications the following relate most directly to issues in global Pentecostalism:

  1. „Charismatic Faith and Prison Ministry“, in Australasian Pentecostal Studies 14 (2012), 20-40.
  2. “Premillennial and Countercultural Faith and its Production and Reception in the Chinese Context” Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies 14/1 (2011), 3-26.
  3. Brandner (2009b), Mission, Millennium, and Politics: A Continuation of the History of Salvation—from the East, in Missiology: An International Review (The Quarterly Journal of the American Society for Missiology), Vol XXXXVII, No 3, July 2009, 317-332
A major recent publication is more in the area of practical theology, more precisely on Christian faith and ministry in the context of incarceration:
  1. Beyond the Walls of Separation. Christian Faith and Ministry in Prison, Eugene, Oregon: Cascade, 2014