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Book Announcement: The Holy Spirit in African Christianity

New book published by Chigor Chike: The Holy Spirit in African Christianity: An Empirical Study. (Paternoster Biblical & Theological Monographs)

There has been a growth of African churches and African-type Christianity around the world in recent decades.  This phenomenal growth has made it necessary to understand what African Christians believe.  Recognising this growth, this fascinating book is a study of what African Christians in Britain believe about the Holy Spirit.  This unique work advances five factors which determine African Pnreumatology: the day to day experience of Africans, their African worldview, the African traditional concept of God, the Bible and the world wide Pentecostal movement. 

As has been noted by Prof Mark Cartledge, this is essential reading for all students of African Christianity, pneumatology and transnational religious movement.

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Contributed by:

Chigor Chike

London, UK
University of Birmingham
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