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"Oh senhor de los cielos, dános poder en la tierra!"

Latin American Protestantism is frequently identified as fundamentalist whereas, however, the definition of what is fundamentalist often lacks clarity. This article proposes a definition of the concept and examines Central American Protestantism on fundamentalist tendencies. Fundamentalism absolutizes one's own religious (and social) position against other's in order to (re-) conquest "fields of affirmative action" in situations of crisis and to execute power. According to the social position of the actors, this strategy results to be a technique of social survival or, on the other hand, of domination. The article considers  based on two years field study and abundant empirical data  different currents of Central American Protestantism and portraits nuances of what could be called fundamentalism in that specific social context. Facing the new situation of the religious field, the article finally draws some concusions for the theological task on the continent.

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Heinrich Schäfer

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